landing inside a blur

hi i am piper! white cis girl, she/her (p.s. if you are going to send me hate, please save your energy, i will only delete it) *mobile BG courtesy of fallalbomb*


today i learned that squirrels growl and actually kinda sound like really small dogs


*tucks green day in* goodnight sweetie


teejay icon month is over


i will miss being teejay

but i will always be teejay in my heart 


h aley im gonna choke please sleep or somehting

transisted replied to your post: wait grace where’s the beef jerky emai…

oh my god




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wait grace where’s the beef jerky email holy crap

thatssomiracle asked: ayee okay i dunno if its too late but 56 and 47!

naaah never too late!

47. Do you have a crush on someone

mmmmyeah i suppose

56. First Bestfriend

number 46 is the same question but is written as “best friend” instead of “Bestfriend” and i dont understand the difference honestly

my grade school best friend was leah go-back-to-boarding-school

other best friends include [name redacted, things went down, they had a song written about them and not in a good way], haley gallifreyanwriter, diego sanictheheghog, maggie lucirinthenight, maddi sweetietart, antony postvelocity, and cole mutantsunite

hey if no one has told you this recently:

  • i love you
  • you are absolutely deserving of respect and kindness from others
  • you are important
  • it is okay to mess up 
  • everything will work out for you
  • your existence is a positive contribution to humanity

piper “regularly mistakes own freckles for bugs” unfauxgettable


petition to ban “i kissed a girl” from all queer girl fanmixes 2k14

Anonymous asked: thank you for listening to me, piper. it s dumb but thank you very much,,

!!!its not dumb! you hurt my heart oh my goodness, you absolute love, like i said, i will always listen. no matter how ridiculous you think it might be. i do not care, if you are hurting i will be here for you

i lived in a really abusive home (like, daily beatings, didn’t get fed much, molestation. stuff like that. fun) until i was 16 and my older brother had found out (he was in college and then getting a job and other adult stuff, the family wasn’t abusive when he was around) when he came to visit. he took me in and stuff and i’ve been living with him for about two years now. but i’m still really jumpy around him and his friends and stuff even though i know he won’t ever hurt me or something and i know he’s really bothered when i flinch when he moves towards me and stuff and i get it?? like it probably really sucks to have your little brother(brother i think?? haha i. ithink i might be agender. i don’t think i’m a cis dude, really, it doesn’t feel right but that’s a different matter entirely i’m sorry im rambling) freak out bc you move near him. and i mean i want to explain that to him that i know he won’t hurt me but its habit and i’m constantly anxious and i can’t stop, i really want to but i can’t and just. yeah. i feel like the worst person eve r because he always looks a little hurt when i tense up and stuff even though he tries to act like it doesn’t bother him? i don’t know just. i wanted to vent i guess i’m sorry you can ignore me if you want i don’t mind. just kind of wanted to talk about me being dumb to someone. sorry (you can publish this if you wan t too?? i don’t really mind either way he h um)


talking about the thing u love


Bruh your mum has got to come with us one of these years

she wants to pretty bad but $$$ :(